Thursday, 29 April 2010

Backgrounds - Salma

Here's a few of the Backgrounds I've been working on for my graduation film Salma

For some of the scenes we have chosen to do projections of the backgrounds onto 3D planes.

I have made the Layout and Background for this shot and the animation of the cast shadows,
Michael Holm Nielsen did the 3D work (in MAYA) and compositing (Ae)
and Anders Friis Christiansen animated the characters.

Salma street scene from Michael Holm Nielsen on Vimeo.


  1. Really Nice.
    I like the light and colors and the line..
    A couple of questions there's no foreground elements in the backgrounds will they be put in later?(I'm kind of missing them). the compostion of the first 3 is kind of similar - a line from bottom left to top right with light on the top triangle. and in a way the 4. is a reversed version. Is that a coincidence?

  2. Thanks.
    We will have animated characters in the foreground for the most shots, maybe we'll comp in a few electrical cords and stuff coming down from the ceiling as extra elements in the fg.
    The four (now three) pictures in the top are all from the same sequence inside their house, that might be why they look like they do. =)
    So no, no coincidences there. ^__^

  3. WOW the scene looks beautifull I'm crazy about the camera move. And the animation. and the background. greeat. I think the moving camera will give a lot to the emotional experience. It's nice to follow the produktion. keep posting